visit to helsinki travel guides

Helsinki is the capital of the country Finland, little background of the city is that this marvelous city was found back in 1550. Before it the “daughter of Baltic? was the capital of Finland and in 1812 Helsinki was chose to be the Finland capital. It serves now as international city around the globe. There are many reasons to visit this splendid city. We have narrowed down some information about visit Helsinki with the tourist point of view.
visit to helsinki travel guides
When to plan for a vacation to Helsinki?
The best time suggested by to visit this city is during the summer time. The summer of Helsinki is perfect to be enjoyed; it is neither too hot nor too cold. All the restaurants set their sittings outside so that their customers can enjoy the sunshine. The sunshine of Helsinki is famous around the world. In such summer tourists can plan to do cycling, hiking or just wander around to experience the beauty of the city. Tourists can avail the online hotel booking services of for getting an instant accommodation and can enjoy their trip to Helsinki in summers.
What to do in Helsinki?
Suomenlinna Fortress
It was build in around 1700s over six islands, it is considered to be one important and most visited tourist sight in Helsinki. Tourist will find houses around in number of 900 and furthermore there is a lot to enjoy and see like museums, shops and restaurants. To arrive at this specific Helsinki attraction, get a transport through Helsinki’s Market Rectangular. Suomenlinna a kind of fortification can be one among Finland’s UNESCO globe history sites.
Historic City Center
Town core regarding Finland’s was built back in the 1600s; it offers you several beautiful and attractive sights in the heart of Helsinki such as City hall, Helsinki Cathedral, the famous market Square and not to forget the Old Market.
Töölönlahti Bay
Just like its unique and different pronunciation, this place is wonderful to visit. It is not just popular among the tourist but is also liked by the natives. It offers visitor to meditate in splendid colorful Winter Garden along with the Sports Museum and the beautiful Linnulaula district which is all wooden village.
Tourists have large variety for accommodating themselves in Helsinki. They have large variety of dining. It is one of the major Metropolitan regions which great hotels to offer the tourists like the famous Scandic hotel and a lot more. But with you can find the best hotels deals Helsinki in just few minutes.
Linnanmäki Amusement Park
Linnanmäki Amusement Park of Helsinki is a quite popular destination intended for to be made for families, friends and experience the beautiful “Carnival of Lights” every October. Make sure you do not miss the Carnival of lights with your family, friends and the special one.
Museum Island Seurasaari
Seurasaari is not just an island, its Helsinki’s historical center island, one of the grandest attractions in Helsinki. The museum is built on this very island. It’s an open air museum in which Seurasaari shows Finnish conventions and edifices from the 1700s to the 1900s and offers tourists workshops and occasions for the entire family in summer.